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YU TAI provides professional cable assembly and harness services to accelerate production line automation | YU TAI provides our global partners with cable assembly services, including cable cutting, stripping, wire/cable crimping, to fulfill specific manufacturing needs.

Cables assembly & Cables harness Factory.

Factory Introduction

YU TAI provides professional cable assembly and harness services to accelerate production line automation

With well-stocked cables and wires, we have relationships with suppliers throughout the world, stable factory management to provide on-time delivery is vital because cables come in a wide variety of specifications. Our management concepts are professional, quality and efficiency, and we are committed to the rationalization, standardization, and automation of production operations, and comprehensively improve efficiency and quality, and have professional technology. To produce the highest quality products to satisfy our customers and make overall quality and efficiency are improved. In addition to the continuous improvement of systems and equipments, we are also committed to cultivating professional talents, with professional technology and management teams, improving various customer service capabilities, and gradually advancing toward smart factories with the goal of industrial e-commerce.

The Principles and Methods of Factory Management

1. Establish an assembly line: Subdivide the assembly work into multiple simple actions, and then set up an assembly line to connect simple actions. The workers will be more skilled and more efficient with the simple actions. Set up assembly production lines to connect simple actions to make production smoother.

2. Establish working standards and formulate standard working hours: Working standards can shorten the time for employee education and training, and make operations more proficient and more efficient in production. Standard working hours can be used as the basis for performance appraisal, as well as for production planning and human resource arrangement.

3. Use the appropriate tools to find the best method: Design suitable work desks, work chairs and tools to make the operation simple, easy to be proficient, and increase efficiency.

4. We continuously introduce and update advanced production and inspection equipments, and we have professional technology to produce the best quality products to satisfy our customers.

Our Automation Equipment
Automatic Tensile Testing MachineTensile testing (under 50KG)
Automatic Soldering MachineThe temperature and the amount of tin output can be adjusted, and the foot switch automatically discharges the tin to increase work efficiency
Automatic Terminal Crimping MachineApplicable to differernt type of terminals, Y type terminals, Insalution terminals, and can quickly change the mold
Injection Molding MachineConnector protection shell, injection molding
Cable/Harness TesterEnd-point test of all kinds of wires/cables, connectors, wire & cable and connector combinations; test various of wires, connectors, and the combined products of connectors and wires.
Cross Section AnalyzerCut, grind, corrode and clean the terminals, collect cross-sectional images, and measure and analyze the wiring harness terminal pictures
Cable Cutting & Stripping Machine with Wire Take-Up DeviceStrip outer sheath and inner core sheath of multi-conductor cables simultaneously. wire cutting and stripping + cylinder manipulator + wire take-up device
Nylon Power Distribution Pipe Cutting MachineCut nylon power distribution pipes with high cutting accuracy
Wiring Harness Heat Shrinkable Tube Heating MachineIt features double-sided heating, which can heat the shrinkable tube evenly. The heating temperature, conveying speed, and heating zone width are adjustable.
Rotary Air Stripping MachineRotary knife pneumatic wire stripping machine is mainly used to strip large cables, the maximum wire diameter is 50 mm, the maximum stripping length is 100 mm
Automatic Cable Cutting Stripping MachineCutting the cable and stripping the outer sheath at the same time
Automatic Cable Cutting MachineCutting the cable and stripping the outer sheath at the same time, and with twisting function
Pneumatic Stripping Machinestripping the outer sheath of cables
Server Motor Semi-Automatic Terminal Crimping Stripping MachineThe host engine is driven by a servo motor, and the stripping part is driven by a stepping motor, so that the wire stripping and terminal crimping can be completed at the same time
Pneumatic Crimping PliersThe crimping tool adopts a curved propulsion mechanism, the applied force is transmitted to the four indenters through the four curves in the cavity of the right pliers handle, the precision ratchet ensures the consistency of the indentation and the crimping quality of the wires and contacts
2-Component Dispensers2-component mixers, precision measurement, according to the characteristics of the rubber material, it can be configured with functions such as pipe heating, tank heating, vacuum stirring and defoaming. For all kinds of two-component AB glue applications such as silicone infusion, epoxy resin dispensing, PU glue encapsulation.
Universal Testing MachineTensile testing (under 50KG)
Pneumatic Stripping Machinestripping the outer sheath
Hydraulic Crimping Terminal MachineUsed for crimping various terminals for large square cables, the mold can be replaced with hexagonal crimping, the maximum crimping size is 500mm square
Automatic Pressure Detection Crimping Terminal MachineIt is connected to the semi-automatic crimping terminal machine and the automatic cutting and crimping machine, and the detection data is set by the interface. Crimping pressure is detected by the force transmitter and the pressure curve and pressure value are displayed by the interface
Crawler-Type Shielded Wire Brushing MachineUsed for shielded braided layer of wire and cable, brushing and untwisting
Cable Bending Test MachineWire bending durability test

Factory Introduction | Mil Spec Cable Assembly & Wiring Harnesses Manufacturer | YU TAI

Located in Taiwan since 1985, YU TAI WIRE & CABLE CO., LTD has been a cable assembly and wire harness manufacturer. Their main cable and wire services, including automated wire harness assemblies, wire harness and cable assembly manufacturing, mil spec cable wiring harnesses, automation machine wire harnesses, semiconductor equipment cable assemblies, panel and instrument equipment wiring and cables, renewable energy connection cables, which are RoHS and ISO 9001 / 2015 certified.

YU TAI provides customized cable assembly, cable harness and cable cutting and stripping of various wires and cables, connector assembly processing, electronic wire processing and cable custom processing to build our reputation and meet the needs of foreign customers. We are largest Wire & Cable Assembly Service Provider in Taiwan for nearly 40 years, and we also specialize in various connecting wire Assembly, Cable custom processing.

YU TAI has been offering customers custom electrical wiring harness and cable assembly, both with high-quality services and 15 years of experience, YU TAI ensures that each customer's requirements are met.