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Over 40 years of experience in custom cable assemblies and cable harnesses, certified with ISO 9001/IPC | YU TAI provides our global partners with cable assembly services, including cable cutting, stripping, wire/cable crimping, to fulfill specific manufacturing needs.

ISO 9001 Certification, IPC Certification

Quality Policy

Over 40 years of experience in custom cable assemblies and cable harnesses, certified with ISO 9001/IPC

YU TAI emphasizes cable product quality improvement; we had obtained ISO 9001 international certification in 2015 and RoHS compliant. To introduce the international cable harness-processing standard, we had joined the IPC member in 2018. For providing you with more stable and high quality, we had trained our employees to obtain the IPC (Certified IPC Trainer) certification for cable harness processing and trained 10 employees to obtain the CIS (IPC specialist) certification. We have been committed to the development of high-technology customers, such as wafer equipments, panel equipments, automation equipments, in addition to investing in more stable production equipments, we also invest in inspection equipments which meets customer needs.

Quality First: No defective products are produced, Not out of bad products.
Quality First: No defective products are produced, Not out of bad products.
Suppliers Control

Based on the cooperation experiences with suppliers, select excellent suppliers to maintain the quality of parts and the stability of delivery

Manufacturing Process Quality Control

Use professional equipments to produce, maintain stable quality, and confirm the quality of the work, such as tension, to confirm whether the tension meets the IPC standard.

Final Inspection

Perform appearance inspection according to customer requirements or IPC standards, and use wire / cable testing machine, use customized test fixture, 100% test whether the electrical characteristics meets the specifications, such as HIPOT TEST, insulation, conducting test, etc.

Quality Control Inspection

The quality control personnel conduct inspections in accordance with the MIS1916, and strictly implement 0 acceptance and 1 return for quality control. The inspection items are appearance, size, assembly, and electrical characteristics.

Abnormal Control and Recurrence Prevention

For exception handling, professionals will conduct exception analysis, systematically formulate recurrence prevention countermeasures, and track the improvement effect with the client.

Quality Inspection
Inspection Process
Inspection Process

About Cable Inspection Process Chart.


Quality Policy | Mil Spec Cable Assembly & Wiring Harnesses Manufacturer | YU TAI

Located in Taiwan since 1985, YU TAI WIRE & CABLE CO., LTD has been a cable assembly and wire harness manufacturer. Their main cable and wire services, including automated wire harness assemblies, wire harness and cable assembly manufacturing, mil spec cable wiring harnesses, automation machine wire harnesses, semiconductor equipment cable assemblies, panel and instrument equipment wiring and cables, renewable energy connection cables, which are RoHS and ISO 9001 / 2015 certified.

YU TAI provides customized cable assembly, cable harness and cable cutting and stripping of various wires and cables, connector assembly processing, electronic wire processing and cable custom processing to build our reputation and meet the needs of foreign customers. We are largest Wire & Cable Assembly Service Provider in Taiwan for nearly 40 years, and we also specialize in various connecting wire Assembly, Cable custom processing.

YU TAI has been offering customers custom electrical wiring harness and cable assembly, both with high-quality services and 15 years of experience, YU TAI ensures that each customer's requirements are met.