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Automatic cable cutting and stripping | YU TAI provides our global partners with cable assembly services, including cable cutting, stripping, wire/cable crimping, to fulfill specific manufacturing needs.

Cable Cutting & Stripping Service - Automatic cable cutting and stripping
  • Cable Cutting & Stripping Service - Automatic cable cutting and stripping
  • Automatic Electronic cable cutting stripping and crimping.
  • Automatic Nylon tube cutting.

Cable Cutting & Stripping Service

Cutting & Stripping Electrical Cables

The nylon tube and electronic wire are cut according to customer needs. We use automatic wire/cable cutting machine to measure and cut the cable length. Our process is we let the cable cut-to-length. Next, we strip the wire for electrical insulation. Whether it is single or double-sided striping, or single or double-sided half-striping to cable winding are ready for processing.

Cable Cutting Followed IPC Specification

The length measurement in the process is based on the cable / wire length measurement tolerance in the IPC specification as the requirement and acceptance.

We are a ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of high quality cable and wire cutting / Stripping. Contact us for more information about cut and stripped wire.

Various Customized Cable / Wire Measurement

Base on our experience of the wire / cable type outer diameter and length determine what kind of cutting is suitable for the customer's wire size. The whole process is according to the wire specification, which can provide stable production and less waste.

Our cable / wire cutting and stripping services and machines are in accordance with RoHS and lead-free environmental protection processes.

We have ISO certification, and our assembly process is in accordance with IPC international standards, and the parts and materials are complied with ROHS to ensure a safe and friendly global environment.

Service Capabilities
  • Less waste Cable.
  • The efficiency of wire / cable cutting and stripping service: Power, Signal, Communication and control, the number of pieces that can be cut per hour.
  • Accept a small number of various customized wire/cable assembly and cable harness services and international order.
  • For our customers with different needs, we continuously introduce various automatic and semi-automatic equipments.
  • We have professional technology to produce the best quality products.
Wire and Cable Cutting and Stripping Application

You can find in our website provide proof of our wire and cable processing capabilities. These are common application.

Wiring inside and outside of the industrial control box. PVC plastic injection molding connector.

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Cable Cutting & Stripping Service | Electrical Wiring Harness Manufacturing | YU TAI

Located in Taiwan since 1985, YU TAI WIRE & CABLE CO., LTD has been a cable assembly and wire harness manufacturer. Their main cable and wire services, including Cable Cutting & Stripping Service, automated wire harness assemblies, wire harness and cable assembly manufacturing, mil spec cable wiring harnesses, automation machine wire harnesses, semiconductor equipment cable assemblies, panel and instrument equipment wiring and cables, renewable energy connection cables, which are RoHS and ISO 9001 / 2015 certified.

YU TAI provides customized cable assembly, cable harness and cable cutting and stripping of various wires and cables, connector assembly processing, electronic wire processing and cable custom processing to build our reputation and meet the needs of foreign customers. We are largest Wire & Cable Assembly Service Provider in Taiwan for nearly 40 years, and we also specialize in various connecting wire Assembly, Cable custom processing.

YU TAI has been offering customers custom electrical wiring harness and cable assembly, both with high-quality services and 15 years of experience, YU TAI ensures that each customer's requirements are met.