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Cable Welding | YU TAI provides our global partners with cable assembly services, including cable cutting, stripping, wire/cable crimping, to fulfill specific manufacturing needs.

Wire / Cable Welding and Tinning - Cable Welding
  • Wire / Cable Welding and Tinning - Cable Welding

Wire / Cable Welding and Tinning

Wire / Cable Soldering and Coating

YU TAI provides unique technology & services of wire/cable welding and tinning for your required welding quality without sacrificing the protection performance of tinning. We are superior to our competitors in cable welding & cable tinning and oxidized wires / cables and terminals.

The material of tinning is mainly electric welding, which can achieve tight bonding effortlessly. The operating temperature range, water resistance and mechanical strength of bare copper wires can be improved through this method. It also prevents fraying of the stranded wire when connecting the stripped wire to the termination point.

The Process of Wire and Cable Tinning

The Process of our Cable Tinning is after twisting the wires together, apply a thin layer of flux, and then apply a thin layer of solder.
This compound is contained pewter or lead-free (tin-silver-copper), which can be thinned by immersing the end of wire in a heated pot, and the treated wire end is silver with a smooth and uniform appearance.

When welding, make sure that each welding spot is welded firmly and in good contact. A good welding spot should be bright, smooth and free of metal burrs, with a moderate amount of tin. The tin and the solder are fused firmly. There should be no Non-wetting and false welding.
 The welding process is according to Chapter 4.8.6, 19.4, 16.2, 17, and 10 in the IPC Specifications as the requirements and acceptance. 

The Welded and Tinned Wires/Cables of YU TAI all can be applied to the construction industry or any connection that requires soldering tools.
The manufacturing process we provide is based on IPC standards, high-performance welded cables are manufactured in accordance with international standards and certifications.

There are many options for our welded cables, please contact our technicians to discuss the selection of welded cables for welding applications.

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Wire / Cable Welding and Tinning | Electrical Wiring Harness Manufacturing | YU TAI

Located in Taiwan since 1985, YU TAI WIRE & CABLE CO., LTD has been a cable assembly and wire harness manufacturer. Their main cable and wire services, including Wire / Cable Welding and Tinning, automated wire harness assemblies, wire harness and cable assembly manufacturing, mil spec cable wiring harnesses, automation machine wire harnesses, semiconductor equipment cable assemblies, panel and instrument equipment wiring and cables, renewable energy connection cables, which are RoHS and ISO 9001 / 2015 certified.

YU TAI provides customized cable assembly, cable harness and cable cutting and stripping of various wires and cables, connector assembly processing, electronic wire processing and cable custom processing to build our reputation and meet the needs of foreign customers. We are largest Wire & Cable Assembly Service Provider in Taiwan for nearly 40 years, and we also specialize in various connecting wire Assembly, Cable custom processing.

YU TAI has been offering customers custom electrical wiring harness and cable assembly, both with high-quality services and 15 years of experience, YU TAI ensures that each customer's requirements are met.